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Minutes of 2017 AGM and Financial Report to December 2017

About the Society and proposed Arts Centre

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Who are we?
The Juan De Fuca Performing Arts Centre Society is a charitable not-for-profit society (S-0064886, Reg No 79421 9725 RR0001) "to plan, promote, develop, construct, and operate a performing arts facility that will accommodate a comprehensive range of cultural and community experiences."

What are we trying to achieve?
Victoria's West Shore is growing rapidly, yet lacks suitable facilities to make performance arts easily accessible to residents and visitors, without going downtown.

Theatres at two new high schools and a facility at the View Royal Casino, will accommodate some needs for performance space, yet leave others unmet, including accessible rehearsal and storage spaces, a full stage with fly tower, and a gathering/exhibition place for community artists.

What's been achieved?

  • The Society's roots extend back at least 12 years, when representatives from many performance arts groups discussed the need for a west shore facility. Many dedicated citizens have since spent time pursuing this dream.
  • The West Shore Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey, confirming that area residents are supportive of a west shore performing arts centre.
  • The City of Colwood hired theatre experts to produce a comprehensive report on the need for a performance centre, types of spaces that a centre should include, an architectural concept, and a business plan. Details are in the Schick Shiner report (148 pages - 10Mb).
  • The JdFPACS was formed in 2016, to act on behalf of residents of all west shore municipalities and the unincorporated Juan de Fuca area. Registered charity status was attained in 2017. We work in a complementary partnership with the West Shore Arts Council and key stakeholders like Four Seasons Musical Theatre, and the Sooke Philharmonic Society.
  • In 2016, municipalities of Colwood, View Royal, Metchosin and Highlands supported the JdFPACS with some funding and letters of support.
  • Many sites have been evaluated, using a comprehensive process; none has been selected. Once a site is found, it will be important to revisit the business plan and conduct an in-depth analysis of the business model. Architectural drawings will be needed. We seek funding (approximately $100,000) for this work.
  • Funding to build the centre will be sought through grants, foundations, businesses, and individual donors.

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